Grading Information

Karate Grading is held every six months, and is optional for every student.

Students are chosen for grading when both the student and instructor mutually feel they are ready.  We do not push students through the grading system! We do not operate as a ‘quick success system’ for parents who want to rush their children through the ranks – this ensures that every student in our class will wear their new belt with pride!

During the grading process you will be required to demonstrate ‘Kata’ – a pattern of strikes and blocks.  You can view the various Kata by clicking the button below.

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Karate Grading System

Karate Grading10th Kyu – White
9th Kyu – Red
8th Kyu – Yellow
7th Kyu – Orange
6th Kyu – Green
5th Kyu – Blue
4th Kyu – Purple
3rd, 2nd & 1st Kyu – Brown
Dan – Black.

Several grades for juniors will have an additional stripe for half grades carried out.


Additional help with your grading can be found on the following pages:  Karate Kata & Karate Terminology